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Julie Fogh and Casey Erin Clark, co-founders of Vital Voice Training, are excited to share "Voice (is)" - a podcast where they have conversations with people whose voices they love to dive into the good, the bad, and the messy of what makes your voice YOURS.

Expect actionable advice about public speaking, confidence, nerves, in-office communication, etc, as well as deeper discussions on what power looks (and sounds!) like, how to let go of perfectionism and use fear to your advantage, and how to show up as your authentic self in a world full of unconscious bias.

Vital Voice Training is a voice, public speaking, and communication coaching company founded to help clients communicate with savvy, charisma, and confidence. Whether you are giving a speech, leading a sales appointment or a brand new team, pitching your big idea for funding, or just finding the courage to make your voice heard, co-founders Julie Fogh and Casey Erin Clark’s extensive backgrounds in speech coaching and professional acting give them a unique perspective on what makes people want to listen. For the client, the result is your voice: amplified (not just louder).

Mar 16, 2022

Julie and Casey sit down with speaker, author, and creativity expert Natalie Nixon, founder of Figure 8 Thinking, to discuss how everyone can find more creativity, how the workplace should be redefining productivity, and lessons from a life lived all over the world.  Along the way, we learn about intuition, the gifts of being “in the margins”, and why leaders should consider learning the tango.

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  • Noticing what she heard over and over again from the leaders and business folks she was talking to (“it’s like jazz” and “something told me to…” being two examples) and following her own curiosity led Natalie down her primary research paths: chaordic systems, intuitive leadership, and creativity. 
  • Natalie explains creativity as “wonder + rigor”. Wonder is the necessary time/energy for reflection, play, experimentation, rest, etc., and rigor is the necessary time/energy for grit, practice, discipline, and gaining expertise.
  • What if we had new metrics for productivity? Natalie coined the term “invisible work” to put a label on the ideation, ruminating, reframing of problems, reflection, etc that goes into the VISIBLE results in the business world. This stuff is absolutely necessary but difficult to quantify — the old metrics of “widgets created/time on task” don’t work in our new era of work.
  • Mini Lesson: The challenges—and gifts—of being a “clumsy student”


Natalie Nixon, PhD is a creativity strategist, global keynote speaker and author. As president of Figure 8 Thinking, LLC she advises leaders on transformation—by applying wonder and rigor to amplify growth and business value.

Natalie is one of Real Leaders' "Top 50 Keynote Speakers in the World for 2022" She is the author of the award-winning The Creativity Leap: Unleash Curiosity, Improvisation and Intuition at Work—an honoree in the creativity category of Fast Company's 2021 World Changing Ideas Awards. Her firm Figure 8 Thinking, was named among the top 20 women-led innovation firms by Core 77 in 2021.

Natalie received her BA (honors) from Vassar College, and her PhD from the University of Westminster in London.

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