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Julie Fogh and Casey Erin Clark, co-founders of Vital Voice Training, are excited to share "Voice (is)" - a podcast where they have conversations with people whose voices they love to dive into the good, the bad, and the messy of what makes your voice YOURS.

Expect actionable advice about public speaking, confidence, nerves, in-office communication, etc, as well as deeper discussions on what power looks (and sounds!) like, how to let go of perfectionism and use fear to your advantage, and how to show up as your authentic self in a world full of unconscious bias.

Vital Voice Training is a voice, public speaking, and communication coaching company founded to help clients communicate with savvy, charisma, and confidence. Whether you are giving a speech, leading a sales appointment or a brand new team, pitching your big idea for funding, or just finding the courage to make your voice heard, co-founders Julie Fogh and Casey Erin Clark’s extensive backgrounds in speech coaching and professional acting give them a unique perspective on what makes people want to listen. For the client, the result is your voice: amplified (not just louder).

Jan 28, 2020

Julie and Casey interview 6-time NYT bestselling author Jodi Lipper about her work as a collaborative writer.  Along the way they discuss interview skills and listening, presence and preparation, and how many Twitter followers you need to get a book published.


  • Writing is a team sport.
  • Preparation is key,...

Jan 22, 2020

Julie and Casey sit down with Rick Lockhart to talke voice, identity and code switching.  Rather than a "how to" this is a very personal discussion surrounding the need and impact for code switching for anyone that lives outside the "mythic norm".


Rick Lockhart grew up on Chicago’s west side and west suburb of...

Jan 15, 2020

Julie and Casey chat with Erin Stutland (mind-body wellness expert, founder of The Movement, and major catalyst in Vital Voice Training's origin story).  They'll dig into why leading from your core values is so important, the "female lifestyle brand", and the good and bad of "manifesting" - and why we're always doing it...

Jan 11, 2020

In their 10th episode, to celebrate and kick off 2020, Julie and Casey dig deep on two of the questions they ask every guest: What is your definition of power? And what is your definition of play? Along the way, you'll hear powerful and playful answers from brilliant previous guests, as well as thoughts on the state of...